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I met Muffin through a mutual friend and dear muffin am I glad. I was feeling so lethargic, depressed and was struggling with a variety of issues internally and externally. Muffin had me fill out a through 100 questionnaire and from that was able to pin point my internal issues that had been causing me pain and discomfort. She made me a cleanse tonic and some special tinctures. Muffin is so kind and truly caring for all people. She really wants to make everyone feel great. The 1st reiki session I had was magical and the 2nd was an even deeper experience. Muffin is an amazing force and I am thankful to have her in my life as a coach, therapist and great friend. Thank you Muffin, you may have saved my life. XOXO
Jaime L
Salida, CO

I am happy to write a testimonial for my holistic health coach, fellow artist, and friend Muffin Ray.

I am a white male, 61 years old, 5’11”, 198 lbs. I had visited my primary care physician and told him that I was experiencing heavy coughing at night. He was not concerned, and told me to use a second pillow to prop myself up so that I could sleep without interruption.

I met Muffin at a social event, and talked to her about my health issue. She asked me a number of questions, hitting the mark on every one; shortness of breath, swelling ankles, discomfort at high altitudes, and what she called “air hunger”, a need to sigh frequently and have moving air around me in fear of feeling “suffocated”. She also told me she did not like my coloring and the way I breathed!

She emailed me a questionnaire of 100 questions and I met with her at her office. After working with all the information, and a short physical, she told me that she would feel comfortable if I were to see a Cardiologist at nearby Dartmouth Hitchcock, because she had concerns that I may be experiencing the beginnings of congestive heart disease.

She explained that back pressure on the aorta can increase the pressure on the pulmonary arteries and veins leading from the heart to the lungs. The lungs can fill with fluid, which can manifest in coughing when prone.

I went to the cardiologist and I was in fact, experiencing the beginning symptoms of heart failure. I found a new primary care Dr., and I continue to work with Muffin with the nutritional and spiritual components of my journey back to health.

Who knows what may have happened to me without Muffin!


I am glad to give “Muffin” a glowing recommendation.
I started seeing Muffin three years ago when I was experiencing physical problems that my primary care physician could not pinpoint. I had been through a battery of tests with no satisfying information.
My sister had seen Muffin for metal poisoning with excellent results, so I decided to give Nutritional Therapy a try.
After her questionnaires, and a number of consultations, which included a non invasive, fully clothed physical examination, Muffin determined that I had a serious parasite problem.
She made me an herbal tincture, and had me eat a molasses based mash that killed the tapeworms and other parasites.
Although it was a gross and a very unpleasant physical process to get rid of them, I never felt uncomfortable with Muffin.
She taught me how to prevent the problem in the future.

My body feels wonderful now. Muffin is someone I would feel very confidant sending family, friends and coworkers to see.
Thanks Muffin.


dearmuffin herbal tinctures are terrific!

I have been on the weight release formula for one year and have met and exceeded my goal of 60 pounds.
The quality of herbs and the the making of these tinctures are the very best on the market today!
I wish dearmuffin luck in this larger scale retail venture, and I know that all of us who have been using these tinctures for the past ten years will vouch for their quality and healing properties!
Good luck Muffin!

Gwen H.
Burlington VT


Muffin has been a long time friend. After years of good health I began having digestive issues. I went to my health professional and over a
period of several months had many tests. all came back negative but the problems persisted. As Muffin had just completed training as a
nutritional therapist, I asked her for help. She gave me a strict but healthy diet to follow. The diet helped but only partially. A follow
up consultation led her to a simple conclusion (low HCL levels) and an equally simple way to address it. Voila, I am back to normal and if I
start to experience problems, I know what to do. Oh and I agree that she is totally honest but always delivers her remarks in a way that
makes me feel like I had just been given a basket full of sunshine and flowers.

Thank you Muffin.


This is a testimonial written with great gratitude for Muffin.
I started seeing her five years ago after my husband had left me for another woman. I was 80 pounds overweight, suffering from deep depression, and was out of control with my eating habits. I had spent six months “hiding out” in my house baking treats and watching movies. A friend had been seeing Muffin on a weekly basis and the results were impressive. Muffin was very honest with me about my situation, and was concerned that I was a candidate for diabetes and other conditions brought on by weight and inflammation. We started out by getting my eating habits and nutrition under control, and then worked on the rest of the problems as they presented naturally. She was very honest, and kept expectations high even when I was ready to quit.. She made it rewarding to reach each goal we set. The emotional damage started to dissipate as I gained more control of my life. Muffin is very wise. She is able to deliver her nutritional coaching in a warm smile.It’s was fun!

I am at my ideal weight, and feel ten years younger and full of energy with the foods I now eat… and I’m being married in June!

Amy K. VT


Hello Muffin,

As a result of our coaching sessions, I’ve made the following adjustments to my diet, all with impressive results.

Embraced healthy fats, including avocado & coconut oil. I now use avocado vs. mayo as my sandwich spread, & include coconut oil in my smoothies. And alittle avocado in a smoothie makes it decadently rich & creamy.

Added 2 fermented foods; red beets (can include it in the smoothie too) & bread & butter pickles. We want that good intestinal bacteria!

Decreased sugar intake by 50% by reading labels & being disciplined at the grocery store, which is the “moment of truth” for me, especially living alone. If I don’t buy it then, it doesn’t even enter the house (or my mouth)

Eliminated (organic) cow’s milk & replaced it with vanilla almond milk. Now the only dairy I consume is plain Greek yogurt (again in my smoothies). Giving up milk was a long-term goal with which I’d struggled for years.

Replaced regular eggs with organic, which are so worth the extra cost.

Subsequently, I’ve never felt better, & am at my ideal weight at the age of 57!

Thank you for your help. I look forward to additional coaching from you.

J.A. Nevada


Dear Muffin,

Thanks for all the help you gave me as a nutritional coach. Not only am I back to my college weight (I’m 63!), but I have more energy, and just generally feel more at home in my body. One of the most interesting things I learned from you was that smelling a food often satisfies the craving as much as actually eating the food. This really has helped me to avoid tempting, bad-for-me food, when hanging out with friends…and when I do indulge, it is because I have made a conscious, controlled choice to do it.

xoxo K from Massachusetts


Muffin is a very knowledgeable and caring person. She is warm and genuine in her desire to help you live your best life. I have only known her for a few years but during that time she has guided me through some very difficult times. Those times when bad habits can take control of your life! I have turned to her many times for support and she has always been there to listen and provide guidance when I needed it most….whether it be about diet or nutrition. Her counsel has changed my overall health….I feel better now than I did10 years ago

P.B. Truro, Ma.


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