soul & property shielding/clearing

dearmuffin Energy Medicine Solutions is privileged to have Claudia Preston on our staff offering access to the mystical and revealing art of Soul Charting, Shielding and Clearing. We have personally gone through the full process and positive results were overwhelmingly evident. There is a tenderness and compassion gained from this experience that shines through a  daily life with enhanced perspective.

Claudia develops Soul Life readings from the Akashic records to facilitate spiritual, emotional and physical energy clearings and permanent shieldings for individuals and properties. The Spiritual Shields eliminate any “negative interference” accumulated since the soul’s creation. Claudia is a Spiritual Counselor with over 35 years experience in assisting individuals and groups with spiritual, emotional and practical issues.



  • Identifying your Soul’s planet of origin
  • Determining your Soul contracts: both regular and grey contracts
  • Providing etheric information describing significant lifetimes, agenda items, and types of emotional interference being experienced
  • Determining the number and type of your Spirit Guides and their
    angelic realms
  • Preparing a chart outlining your major Chakra system
  • Identification of the spiritual realms involved in your Soul’s experience
  • Training to develop intuition and embrace your Spiritual helpers
  • Audiotape available for out of state clients
  • Preparing a property evaluation of the number and type of disturbances occurring on your property (residence and/or business); then clearing the offending disturbances from your property(s)


  • Full Charting – $250.00
    Full Charting includes: 60 minute reading, individual clearing and shielding, and one property clearing and shielding
  • Clearing and Shielding (partial charting) – $150.00
  • Property Clearing and Shielding – $50
  • Counseling – $80/hr


Schedule an appointment here.  246 east first street, suite 3,  salida,  colorado 81201    call 802-535-5921