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Ever heard of “Bullerproof” coffee? What are your thoughts?
NI, Maine

Dear NI,

The concept of adding high energy and healthy oils to a hot beverage is not new. The monks in Tibet have blended yak butter and ghee in their teas for centuries for health and mental clarity at high altitudes. References to butter teas throughout India and the Himalayan Region are common. Mixing butter, spices, and coffee is traditional in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Dave Asprey, a clever American entrepreneur has successfully marketed and trademarked “Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee” after he lost over 100 lbs. after reaping the benefits of a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. I think that he has done a great service to re-introduce this concept to our health conscience population. However, I’m not supporting coffee as the delivery beverage for the healthy fats.

I received this question a month ago, and have been experimenting with it before I answered this question.

My thoughts are these;

I think that the benefit of this concept is the delivery of the pure healthy fat, especially early in the morning. My practice has always been to put coconut oil in my specially blended tea, and putting it in coffee did not seem to give me an advantage. Therefore, I think that having the delivery system of healthy fats in a healthier beverage choice such as green or Tulsi tea would be my recommendation. I have never endorsed coffee in any anti inflammatory eating protocol, (although coffee and coconut oil is absolutely delicious!) I advise to use it as a special occasion drink, and to find a tea blend and coconut oil that is a healthier daily beverage.

I do agree fully that adding healthy fats to your diet through an early morning hot beverage is beneficial.  I do not think that it should be the first thing in your mouth in the morning. The fats collect bacteria and microbes in your mouth and are then swallowed. It is important that you consider oil pulling or at least cleaning your mouth before drinking any hot beverage with fats in the morning. There is a documented correlation between oral bacteria and heart disease.

After decades of misguided and untrue information about saturated fats being a precursor to high cholesterol and clogged arteries, there are test results that support that healthy saturated fats can increase mental clarity by 15 to 25 percent, regulates longstanding energy, and keeps hunger at bay, therefore making it easier to lose weight, stimulating the body to engage fully in its fat burning properties.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Muffin,
I have chronic back pain in my lower back that seems to get worse towards the end of the day or when I am fatigued. Is this common?
GT Austin TX

Dear GT,
Chronic back pain that is worse with fatigue can be symptomatic of adrenal insufficiency. In applied kinesiology, the pelvic muscles are neurologically related to the adrenal glands.
There may be a need for connective tissue support, such as massage, acupuncture, or even a temporary copper wear lower back brace.

Glucosamine hydro chloride, MSM,
Vitamin B12, EFA, and Chondroitin sulfate are a list of nutrients that are useful for healing connective tissue.

It is also helpful to eat whole foods, avoid alcohol, eat adequate amounts of protein, and avoid refined sugar. Ginseng has steroid like properties that can increase resistance to stressors, and can prevent adrenal atrophy in cortisone treatment.
Licorice gives the adrenals a “rest” and chance to restore.
Drink it by steeping and making tea.

Stress management is very important, such as sleeping a good 8 hours a night.
Accept nurturing and affection,
Get natural light as much as possible, as it is essential for healthy adrenal function.

Warmest Regards,

Dear Muffin,
If I do have hypothyroidism, what are some holistic things at home I can do for it?
S.P., Marion MA

Dear S.P.,
Any concerns about the thyroid, refereed to as the “master organ” should be discussed with your chosen health care professional.
That being said, this simple home test will give you some initial insight on whether you may have hypothyroidism:

Find a source of very clean seaweed. I use Maine Seaweed, which can also be found at:

Make a very strong broth of seaweed and filtered water. Drink two to three ounces six times day for half a week. If that makes you feel better, it is possible you have hypothyroidism. If you feel awful, you can pretty much rule that out! Share your findings with your ND and get on a treatment protocol.

I like the broth hot. It is easy to get creative with the seaweed broth as a base for soups, stews, etc.
The newsletter from the seaweed man is wonderful and helpful.
Good Luck

Warmest Regards,


Dear Muffin,
Are eggs good to eat or do they cause high cholesterol? Is there a big difference between regular super market eggs and organic eggs?
B.F. CO.

Dear B.F.,
Thank you for your question. It gives me the opportunity to address a huge shift in healthy thinking and eating that has taken place in the last number of years.
The idea that organic eggs are unhealthy and cause heart problems is just not true. Eggs ( and I am referring to ORGANIC eggs) are a perfect food.
Fats,especially clean animal fats provide the very best foods for your heart, your brain, and your immune system.
The saturated fats found in butter, eggs, olive and coconut oils help white blood cells recognize and attach toxins, bacteria and viruses in the body.
Eggs reduce the levels of a substance called lipoprotein that creates distress and adds to the risk of heart disease.
Clean fats, including eggs protect the liver from foreign substances in our bodies such as alcohol and pain medication

If eggs create health problems, it would be from the poisened foods and high doses of anti biotics that commercial agriculture uses to feed their fowl.
As a society, we are sickened by these practices with all large scale food production. Then we are treated we poisonous pharmaceuticals with side effects killing over 800,000 people each year. Oy.
moral of story: GET TO KNOW YOUR FARMER!

Here is a breakdown of the some of the advantages of the egg:

Organic eggs
*9 essential amino acids
*highest quality proteins
*large quantities of Vitamin D
*source of choline for your brain and nervous system
*lutein and zeaxathin for ocular health
*perfect source of clean animal fats for brain and heart

Avoid any egg unless it is certified organic or it comes from a chicken you know! Stay away from any egg including one that has an additive, such as omega 3. With a great organic egg that I know the sourcing of, I am very comfortable to put the raw organic egg in my blender. The less you cook your egg, the more nutrients will be kept alive and available to you. I would recommend poaching eggs rather than making a well cooked omelette.
If you have any doubt whether there is a difference between commercially produced( non humane, caged, antibiotic feed) eggs and chickens, take five minutes and look at any U- tube film on the matter, or better yet, read:
Animal Factory by David Kirby.
I can guarantee you will never choose your food source lightly again!

Warmest Regards,


Dear Muffin,
Would recommend a juicer or a high speed nutritional blender?
I am ready to take the plunge J
T. D, FLA.

Dear T.D.,

Depending on what your nutritional goals and strategies are, juicers and high speed nutritional blenders are used for very different purposes.

The advantage to the high speed blenders are that they use every part of the food, including the vitamins in the skins.. The fiber, pulp, seeds, and even stems remain in the thick drink, or smoothie. If fiber is beneficial to you, that is a big consideration. The pulp and fiber also slow down the process of your body’s absorption which can be helpful especially when you are consuming fruit which contains a high dose of sugar.
In the blender, you are able to add nuts, and other solids such as chia and flax seeds.
The price of a good high speed blender is considerably less than a good juicer, and the prep, usage time and clean-up time is much easier.
Most high speed nutritional blenders come with recipe books that all recommend you add both fruits and vegetables in the same blend, which I do not recommend.. Fruits absorb and digest much faster than vegetables (or any other food), and digesting them together, even in a smoothie can cause the fruit acids to linger in your system and start to release toxins..
Also, fruits and vegetables require different enzymes to digest, and eating them together causes mayhem in your system.

I have a client who is dealing with an autoimmune disease. Because that means that the immune system is in fact delivering the disease itself, she is using the high speed blender rather than the juicer because it delivers a healthy meal supplement and adequately boosts the immune system, but does not give the immune system heavy muscle to strengthen the delivery of the condition..
Also, shop around! The same nutrition blender on television infomercials is almost double the price of ones in home stores.

A good juicer is a commitment to the highest nutritional diet available. The biggest advantage is that the juicer removes most of the fibers and pulp from the food . There are some super food fibers that cannot be digested in the human body, like wheatgrass.. Therefore, removing the fiber and body of these foods make available the benefits of the phytonutrients they offer. With 85%-90% of the fibers and pulp removed, nutrients absorb directly into your system with no strain on the digestive track what so ever. The juicer is what you would want to have if you were treating a disease with a raw food protocol.

I would still focus on vegetables with a juicer. An apple can be mixed with vegetables to sweeten without the complications of a heavy sugar dose. An apple has its own enzymes that “digest itself” and does not have the effects of other fruits.

A good juicer can last a lifetime, and it is well worth it to buy a good one, such as Kuvings, Universal or Omega. My favorite is the old Jack LaLanne, although there have been many improvements over the years!

Clean up with a juicer is a project, a small price to pay for what you are getting out of it.

If I were on a desert island and could have one working appliance, I would have to hide one in my suitcase and have both!

Warmest Regards,


Dear Muffin,
I am experiencing symptoms of low thyroid function, ( hypothyroidism) such as weakness, depression, dry skin,itching, weight gain,bumps on skin, loss of eyebrows and lack of motivation. I am scheduled to see my Doctor and be tested, but I am wondering if there are any things I can change in my lifestyle that would support my thyroid from now on? My mother and father both had thyroid issues.
M.I. Maui, HI

Dear M.K.,
There are over 300 possible symptoms presented by hypothyroidism.
It sounds like you are making a wise choice to do testing so that you have an accurate picture and will be able to make clear choices about your treatment.
Your thyroid has a role in every other system in your body, and every function in your body affects your thyroid. It is often referred to as the “master gland”.

There are a number of positive changes you can make that will make a difference with your thyroid. It is imperative that your diet is NO SUGAR. Your ideal diet would be 60% complex carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% healthy clean fats.
Coconut oil would be a great choice for healthy fats.
Your therapeutic foods would consist of oats, kelp, seaweed, artichokes, onions, garlic, dulce, swisschard, turnip greens, egg yolks, wheat germ, and sesame seed butter.
Fresh juices such as carrot, celery,and or spinach daily will be beneficial.

You will want to AVOID certain foods known as goitrogens, which are foods that can reduce thyroid function. Some of these foods are RAW broccoli,turnips, cabbage, green peppers, beets, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collard greens, radishes, yams, peanuts, honeydew, strawberries,oranges , peas, apples and pears.Cooking these foods will eliminate a negative reaction.

Hydrotherapy has proved to be helpful in stimulating the thyroid. Alternating hot and cold compresses to the thyroid gland directly every day. Hot compresses molded to neck for three minutes hot followed by 30 seconds to one minute of cold compression. Repeat 3 to 5 times.
During a hot shower, turn the water as cool or cold as you can stand it and take a cold water blast. Make sure you get the adrenals at the base of your back, and your neck, abdomen, backs of knees and breasts.

Do not use an electric blanket or overdress. You want to encourage your metabolism to raise slightly if the body needs to generate its own heat to keep warm.
Exercise daily to stimulate and elevate the body’s metabolic rate, and set a goal to improve overall digestion and assimilation of food.

I advise you to work with a ND or NTP closely after you get your test results.

Check back with
Our online apothecary will have helpful herbs and tinctures that will help you as well.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Muffin,
How do you suggest that I start habits that will keep my heart strong?
I have not experienced problems but my parents both died of heart disease and I want to make sure I do everything possible to avoid that.
V’R. Tucson, AZ

Dear V.R.,
Sounds like a good plan! When certain conditions present in our genetic pool, that can be positive and helpful information on areas we need to address seriously.

I suggest that you start with making sure you take at least an hour ‘s BRISK walk every day for at least 40 minutes. It is beneficial to start at a regular brisk walk for 10 minutes, then break into a very brisk walk, making sure your arms can move and swing to open lungs for 20 minutes, and then back to a regular brisk for the last 10 minutes. Thats a good place to start. A good trainer with cardio background can help you find the perfect balance with your exercise ritual.

I also recommend that you make sure you have enough healthy fasts in your diet. Contrary to the myths of the past 40 years, the best and healthiest food you can eat for cardiovascular health are clean healthy fats
All fats are not created equal.
Omega 3 fats and monounsaturated fats are those fats found in such good foods such as organic eggs, olive oil, nuts,avocados, grass fed animal products, coconut oils, chia seeds and cold water fish help lower bad LDL cholesterol and raise good HDL cholesterol. They also lower triglycerides (blood fat) and reduce the formation of blood clots.
They assist the heart in having strong and steady and regular rhythmic heartbeats.

Green tea is an excellent antioxidant for preventative heart care.
Eat Garlic and coconut oil every day. they both lower blood pressure and prevent clotting of blood.

There are also supplements and herbs that are excellent in caring and strengthening the heart. Studies show that a high homocysteine level boosts the risk of heart disease. B vitamins reduce homocysteine in your body.Take 3 mg of B6 and 400 mcg of folic acid.
Also consider vitamins E and C.
I also take 300 mg of L Carnitine daily for heart health.

Herbal tea made with Hawthorn or 80 mg of a organically prepared hawthorn extract daily is a excellent addition to your diet, especially if you can replace caffeinated drink with it.
Add a little Lavender, relaxes the arteries.

Stress management is imperative! Without being able to keep stress in check, your prognosis could be grim.Do whatever it takes to process the difficult stuff so it doesn’t fester in your system. DO NOT PROLONG JOY… This is not a dress rehearsal folks!
Learn EFT or see an EFT certified instructor. Join a yoga class a few times a week.

Appropriate levels of fresh clean filtered water is the very best thing you can do for your heart and every other part of your body. (body weight divided by 2 in ounces)

I am opposed to the low dosage aspirin regiment that so many people use. The wear and tear on your liver and stomach even in low dosage amounts is not acceptable to me.
My alternative solution to keeping your blood thin and healthy is to donate blood as often as possible. Its a win-win situation!
After you donate, your body will make new fresh blood to replenish the blood. With a healthy diet, and oxygen in your system from exercise, what could be a better boost? Your new blood is not only thinner, it is full of vitality. Plus, you’re saving lives at the same time!!
Call your local hospital or Red Cross to get on a regular schedule.

That’s a good start!
And in the near future, dearmuffin apothecary will carry an herbal tincture designed for cardiovascular preventative care.. so check back!

Warmest Regards,

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