neurofeedback training

The overall goal of NeuroFeedback Training to to improve neurological shift and flexibility. When your brain is stuck in negative state such as anger, depression or anxiety, it is not working effectively to allow those natural shifts.  Evidence based, NeuroFeedback Training is a form of biofeedback, has its foundations well planted in applied Neuroscience. When provided by an experienced professional, clients will find breakthrough results for overall mood, migraines,concussion recovery,low motivation, memory loss,sleep problems, anxiety and depression, ADHD and a number of other clinical and stress related issues. In many cases, Neurofeedback Training can reduce or eliminate the need for Pharmaceutical medications. During NFT training,electrodes are placed on the scalp at various locations where the EEG activity diverges most from norms. Nothing is introduced into the brain. The electrodes simply measure the ongoing brain wave activity and enable the Trainer to modify the brain wave patterns for optimal results.


For children and teenagers the benefits are numerous

* Feeling happier and calmer

* Better concentration at school

* Attention disorders (ADHD) are remedied

* Improved friendships

* Less conflict with parents, teachers, and peers

For Adults

* Improved sleep patterns

* Decreased stress

* Better emotional control

* Healing from PTSD

* Improved relationships

Michael Collins earned his pre-med B.A. in Biology at UCCS with magne cum laude honors. He studied with Dr. Stephen Stockdale in Colorado Springs doing cutting edge work in Brain Mapping with LORETA imaging for qEEG.

Together, they integrated the then new LORETA technique to map the brain in 3D into his practice protocol.

He later trained with iSNR, AAPB with Dr. Hana Matalich MD in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, Heart-rate Variability, and muscle relaxation EMG.

Michael Trained participants with the Roshi 2 channel neurofeedback.

Michael has recently trained with Rachel Ragsdale in Denver, a pioneer in the field of Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Therapy.

We are very happy to have Michael on our dearmuffin Energy Medicine Solutions team, providing highly effective Neurofeedback Training and Biofeedback to South Central Colorado.

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