holistic vision training


 Holistic Vision Training  –  Beyond 20/20

Holistic Vision Training is an individualized treatment program designed to assist in strengthening the visual system, and attaining a
deeper visual awareness. It is a combination of Vision Therapy, Syntonics (colored light therapy) and expanding the visual fields.

Holistic Vision Training has achieved success with;

• Children who are having difficulty
at school with reading

• Delayed learning due to visual
perceptual deficiencies

• Difficulties with focus and attention

• Difficulties with sports performance
due to poor visual spacial skills or
deficient hand eye coordination

• Visual recovery due to head injury
or stroke

“ My son was struggling with reading. We took him to the eye doctor and she prescribed glasses which gave Alex 20/20 vision. However, he was still having such a hard time reading. Holistic Vision Training taught his eyes to work together, and now he is reading well above grade level.” LH

Symptom Questionnaire
For Parents with children who are struggling in school:

• ____Does your child lose their place while reading?
• ____Does your child get a headache when doing near work?
•____ Is your child closer then 8 inches to the page when reading or writing?
•____ Does your child cover or close an eye while reading or complain of seeing double?
• ____Does you child tilt their head when reading or talking to people?
• ____Does your child use a finger or marker to keep their place while they read?
• ____Does you child have trouble understanding what they read?
• ____Does your child skip lines or words while reading?
• ____Does your child move their head back and forth while reading, instead of the eyes?
• ____Does your child have a short attention span while reading?
•____ Do your child eyes get tired quickly or watery or burn while reading?
• ____Does your child complain that print looks blurry?
• ____Does your child have poor hand eye coordination?
• ____Does home work take much longer then it should?

Symptom Questionnaire
For Adults suffering from traumatic head injury or stroke:
• ____Do you experience double vision?
• ____Do you lose your place while reading?
• ____Do you have increased light sensitivity?
• ____Do you have more difficulty with balance?
• ____Is it more difficult to judge spacial distances?
• ____Do you experience headache or fatigue while reading?

Any of the above symptoms could indicate a vision problem.
If you have checked two or more, it’s time to have a vision evaluation!

Holistic Vision Training
Vidya McClutchey
Vision Therapist
Serving the Denver area in Conifer
South Central Colorado in Salida at dearmuffin energy medicine solutions

Initial evaluation and consultation $80
(an individualize program will be developed to meet your specific needs and goals)
average duration of treatment 12 sessions
1 hour sessions $70


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